Simsbury Garden Tour Photos

Garden Tour Photos Are Here!

 Garden Club Tour  Private Garden ~ West Simsbury Hello fellow gardeners! I would love to say that my gardens are full of exotic plants and a carefully thought out design but it is neither. The truth be told wherever I found a spot of dirt a plant went in being mindful of sun vs shade […]

Landscape Design Part 3 Bluestone Patio

Landscape Design Part 3 – Bluestone Patio – Before and After

  Below is the Bluestone Patio BEFORE   The patio was very small surrounded by an 8 foot high hedge of yews. There was no view at all of the pond and no way to walk around the house. The was no thought put into the pattern. There were weeds growing in between all the […]

Landscape Design Part 2 Stone Steps Realtor Real Estate

Landscape Design Part 2 – Side Yard & Stone Steps – Before and After

    Thinking of buying a new home, investment property or perhaps a foreclosure but the landscape projects seem to be daunting? Are you worried you won’t get any return on your investment? With a little vision and some sweat equity you can turn a property into a paradise increasing the value and making it […]